Environmental Commission


Appointed by Mayor Adam Schneider, the Long Branch Environmental Commission is a group of environmentally mindful Long Branch residents who help implement the green initiatives and goals of the City of Long Branch, the Mayor's Energy Review Committee and the city's Master Plan and Environmental Resource Inventory.  The purpose of the Commission is to increase public awareness regarding environmental issues and events in our community. The Commission sponsors events and campaigns that improve the quality of our environment and make a difference in the health of our community. By partnering with the city, local families, organizations, businesses, and visitors to take important actions, the Environmental Commission intends to make a positive difference in the greening of this wonderful and diverse seaside city.

The Commission meets every month in City Hall (see link for dates).

Anyone interested in attending a meeting or seeking to volunteer on the City's Green Team can contact Robert Goodman at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 732-923-2041. Send along your email to be included in our email blasts!


2018 Meeting Dates:

September 17
October 15
*November 19
December 17


Long Branch Environmental Commission Appointments

Catherine Duckett (06/30/21)
Ann Degnan (6/30/21)
Rich Garlipp (07/13/21)
Richard J. Garlipp III (6/30/21)
Richard Lee (06/30/20)
Michele Irizarry (06/30/20)
Steve Booty (06/30/20)
Annette Benanti – Alternate member (6/30/21)
Jessica Lisa - Alternate member (6/30/21)
City Council Liaison:
Councilwoman Rose Widdis (6/30/22)

City Liaisons:

Robert Goodman, Asst. Director, Office of Community and Economic Development
Carl Turner, Asst. Planning Director