County Household Hazardous Waste

On June 1st, 2016, the operations of the Monmouth County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility will be contracted out to an independent contractor. The hours of operation for household hazardous waste drop-off at the facility will be as follows:

             3211 Shafto Rd, Tinton Falls, NJ 07753

The HHW Facility is CLOSED on Mondays and Thursdays.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Important Information 

  • The Facility is open to Monmouth County residents only.
  • There will be NO appointment required to drop off materials at the facility.
  • The facility limits residents to 20 gallons of liquid or 220 pounds of dry material per visit.
    • Liquid containers limited to 5 gallon size maximum.
    • Solid packages limited to 50lb. weight maximum.
  • NO business or commercially generated waste materials accepted.
  • Asbestos, ammunition, fireworks, gunpowder, boat flares, radioactive materials (smoke detectors), medical waste, and medical sharps are not permitted for disposal at the facility.
  • Monmouth County reserves the right to reject participants and/or materials at its sole discretion.
  • For further information, call 732-683-8686 ext. 5210 or follow the prompts for "household hazardous waste disposal." 

Latex Paint

The County is still accepting latex paint, but it is no longer a hazardous waste.Latex is labeled water based or acrylic, but should not be poured down the drain or on the ground.

It is strongly recommended to only purchase what you will use. Left over paint can be donated to Habitat for Humanity, schools or theater groups. 

Latex paint can be disposed of in the following manner: Dry out the paint. Once dried, it can be disposed of as regular trash with the lids removed. Commercial paint hardeners are available from paint stores, but only work with water based paints. If the can is empty, or the paint is dried, the container should be placed with other household trash,- but the lid must be removed so our staff can see there is no liquid paint.


  • Municipal Garage +

    Responsible for all city vehicles an equipment and performs routine maintenance and emergency road service repairs when necessary.

  • Office of The Director +

    Has the responsibility for plans, specifications and contracts for public development and improvements; oversees all divisions and subdivisions; organizes the departments and the functions of the employees.  We are committed to the environment, public safety and prompt, courteous service to our residents and visitors.

  • Parks Division +

    Maintains all city owned properties including parks, playgrounds, playground equipment and ball fields. when available this division will assist the streets division.

  • Public Facilities +

    Divided into 2 sub-divisions:  

    •    Public Works repairers are responsible for repairs of city buildings and boardwalk including construction, plumbing, painting, etc.

    •    Building Maintenance Division provides daily cleaning and maintenance of all city owned buildings.

  • Sanitation / Recycling Division +

    The Sanitation / Recycling Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the collection of garbage, recycling, bulk and service for dumpster rentals. Please see municipal calendar (pdf) for pick up and holiday schedule, or refer to the weekly local newspaper or Comcast channel 20 for pick up schedules.

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  • Streets Division (Leaves/ Branches/ Permits/ Snow/ Trees) +

    Oversees all road opening and sidewalk permits; provides daily maintenance and as needed repairs for city streets, storm drains, pot holes and is also responsible for street sweeping, snow removal and leaf/branch collection – no grass clippings; tree trimming and removal (municipal property only).
    For a list of streets/roads that the

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