NJ Electronics Waste Management Act

The NJ Electronics Waste Management Act bans the disposal of computers,
televisions and other "covered devices". Homeowners, businesses and
institutions may not place these items in the trash. Public and Private
haulers will be prohibited from picking up these items for disposal.

Manufacturers offering these electronic devices for sale in NJ are being
required to develop a "takeback system" that will offer consumers free drop
off. Retailers will not be permitted to sell any covered electronic device
from a manufacturer which has not developed a suitable "takeback system"
approved by the State of New Jersey.

Long Branch DPW operates a drop of site for residents and business of Long Branch, located at 378 Atlantic Ave. across from the Pleasure Bay Park. It is open Monday Thru Friday, 7:30AM to 3:00PM and Saturday 9AM to 1PM. For more
information call LB DPW at 732-571-6520. As of May 1st, 2016, the site is not open to other communities. Other communities have access to dispose of electronic items at the County Landfill in Tinton Falls.

The items that are required for recycling are:
a desktop or personal computer, computer monitor, portable computer (laptop), printers, fax machine or television.  This items are not collected at the curb by the City. You must bring them to the Center.